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Persona 7: Starvation Land
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Persona 7: Starvation Land

This non-canon fan persona server takes place in a place called Siwang. There is a popular school, where all the students in the roleplay go to. Some students discover they have the power to awaken their own personas. They form a group called Acceptancy and try to stop a bandit who caused 132 people to die in a desert. Along the way, they meet a quirky fox and a quirky robot. Join us here, and you will be in an extremely active roleplay server with kind members.
Jail Is Over There, Onii-Chan Bumped 61 days ago

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SerenityPrimrose SerenityPrimrose
Awesome and Active Roleplay Server.
This server is incredibly active and awesome, I’ve been an admin on it for about a day, and the roleplay is extremely lively and enjoyable.

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