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PewDiePie's Family

We love gaming and PewDiePie!

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mysterymееp1 mysterymееp1
Great Server
Great server and great community, come join and have fun! Many bots to add to the fun. Pewdiepie is almost at 100 million subscribers so now is the best time to join and celebrate the milestone!
1Bon_Bon1 1Bon_Bon1
Random Ban
I was 'working' for Bro Coins and somebody replied with @bot. As I was new, I did know what that meant so I carried on 'working'. But all of a sudden, WibblyWobblyTimeyWimey said 'last chance' so I decided to stop the 'working' because he probably meant that. But, after doing nothing, I randomly got banned from the entire PewDiePie's Family server! Also the mods are very mean on the severs!
2 5
blerts.xo blerts.xo
Best Server Ever
This server is a great place to make new friends and join the PewDiePie community. This is a server that has over 600 members and is looking to grow into an even better server with more people. If you see this, come and join the server. It’s a great place to hangout and there are lots of bots included for entertainment. There are also Nitro giveaways, not very often but occasionally. Everyone is treated with respect and there is no racism, sexism and ageism here. Rules here also aren’t strict, there are rules in order to make this server a better place. Have fun and enjoy! 😊❤️
3 5
Amazing Server
When I joined this server I was new to discord and didn't really know much but over the last couple of months I have met so many nice people and have made many good friends. If you want to make friends and have fun I would definitely recommend this server