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Partnership Centre

Partnership Centre

- network with other PMs or arrange mass-partners with known PMs
- help with server building and technical assistance
- channels to advertise your servers in
- find partners or staff
- find bots/help with setup for members new to creating Discord servers
- extras: such as Pokécord, Global Chat, Userphone & Bender RPG
- earn global Tatsumaki levels/EXP
- advertise your social media
- staff applications

We will help you find partners if you are having trouble growing your server!
130+ Servers available for mass partnership!
Just ask in the main chat!

↳ Looking for partner managers!
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
👑MrMachine07👑 👑MrMachine07👑
Very Helpful
I am actually very glad i joined this server. I specifically asked the owner how they got their advertisement the way it was, and the owner was very helpful in teaching me how to make a better advertisement.
KalinMegaFan20 KalinMegaFan20
Excellent server
These guys have helped me out when I’ve really needed it. Thank you! They are currently helping me with my servers and I’m benefiting genuinely from them.
actually a loser actually a loser
got lots of free help
nemcova gud they fix up roles gud no bs, very nice, doesnt make you feell like youre being a burden. nemcova if ur reading this get some rest and stay safe.
depressopuppo depressopuppo
Really good server helped with staff and set up my server good for advertising would use again