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U.S. World War 3 <||The Great War||>
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U.S. World War 3 <||The Great War||>

WW3 has just begun... choose your country, find your loyalt. And defend your country. The calm before the storm started on February 23th 2030. It was a peaceful day, children laughing, people chattering amongst crowds... then suddenly... boom. Multiple planes flew over head, dropping bombs and causing multiple explosions. All troops in reserves and active duty have been called. Every soldier, rushing to their planes, tanks, weapons. Protecting what they love most from what dangers lay beyond what they can see. Find your teams, assemble them, and defeat the enemy.
A NEW active serve with a lot to offer. First create your character, ping a mod, and get into battle. Choose your team to squadron from multiple choices. GLHF
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