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[DT1] Military RP: Kriego-Canngoian War
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[DT1] Military RP: Kriego-Canngoian War

A Military rp, that takes place in its own world. Times were once peaceful. Everyone was happy, kids were playing in the yards. No one had anything to fear until two countries found a spot in the once beautiful ocean, running with rich oil. These two countries were Republic of Krieg and Republic of Canngo. They have made many threats to each other, and many compromises have been rejected for the exchange of the oil. These two countries have been fighting for years over oil and land. Later on after many bloody battles and life taking wars, Krieg and Canngo are at a stalemate, which stopped the fighting for now. They both are keeping there eyes out for whoever makes a step in anyway, while they also plan to make that very step. It all depends on these two countries, or will one make it out alive or will both parish in flames.

- Active Server
- 24/7 Staff
- U.S. Military System
- Actual Ranks
- Army
- Marine Corps
- Air Force
- Special Forces
- Missions
- Training
- Jobs
- Currency/Pay

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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
William Tecumseh Sherman William Tecumseh Sherman
It's an enjoyable server, it is sometimes more like a dysfunctional family than a military but alot of the time it's a good Milslim server (Or well, I try to help it be a milslim). Overall I like it, the ranking system is simple and so is the character system. I love it.
░▒▓█ Ʉ₦ĐɆĐ █▓▒░ ░▒▓█ Ʉ₦ĐɆĐ █▓▒░
Epic server
The RP here is pretty organized, the admins and the owners are pretty good peeps.
In terms of lore, it's pretty original and the classes are well constructed.
Captain Crunch Captain Crunch
Amazing server
Everyone on the server is super friendly and helpful, i admit sometimes things can get heated but everyone are always friendly, the missions you go on are really fun and always make you come back for more
LAngell LAngell
Good, Organized rp
It’s more of a family, we have our fun, but the server is extremely organized and well fit. It’s extremely fair and deserves the best. Everything from a military is present and couldn’t be better!!