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PixelMe Discord

PixelMe Discord

PixelMe Discord

- Minecraft Server
- General Chatting and Hanging Out

Things to do:
- Win giveaways to special roles or ranks!
- Chat with other members!
- Gain XP and Level up to prove your excellence!
- Talk with members and play on our Minecraft Server!
- Do cool things with the bots! (Go Mining [m!help], Play games [/help], Or other things [!help]

- Active Members
- Constant updates and notifications
- Helpful staff
- A Great community

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Sluurrp Sluurrp
Best Gaming Server
This is a decent server. It has many active members, and we like to talk about almost anything. It doesn't matter if you play games or not, you can just talk! I also love the level up system! It really adds a reason to chat there. You should join!
480 days ago