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The Holy Grail War of Genovia
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The Holy Grail War of Genovia

Genovia, This world was once a calm and peaceful place, free from the worries of war or of poverty. Animals roamed freely and the grass stayed green and the water fresh. Life went on this way for many, many years...until they arrived...

...The first race to step foot onto the great lands were the notorious humans. They landed on the shores, eager to settle into their new home. And for many years, they had managed to stabilize and survive as their population began to spread. It wasn't until then that the other races discovered this land; The Short, yet Strong Dwarves, the Wise and Noble Elves, The Sneaky and Cunning Kajiits, and the Fearless Tribe of Kitsunes. With them arriving, sharing the land was not going to easy, especially for the humans.

Ever since their little encounter, the races had always been at odds, going at each other's throats when they least expected it. They eventually found a temporary peace that would soon break to greed and corruption as well as just pure hatred. 4 years later, they came to an agreement to have Holds that they each owned for themselves. Each hold was separated by different portions of land. This would appease each one of the races, at least for now... a world that has been divided into Five holds. Holds that Fight for The Holy Grail which gives them supremacy over the others. Join one of these Holds and start a new journey in this Rpg style Rp server.
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