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Magic Kingdom ♡ 16+

Magic Kingdom ♡ 16+

A 16+ server for all of your fantasy needs!
☾ This is a Disney based server and we would love to welcome all of your princes and princesses.

☾ We include multiple channels for self-care and positivity.

☾ Specific bots for games, music, vc enhancements, etc.

☾ A kind and welcoming staff team with helpers!

☾ There are also various text channels for venting, confessions, and all things media.

☾ Daily activities as well as a daily chore for self care, and healthy reminders! ☾

-Ⅹ- A strict welcoming process to avoid raids and possible trolls. -X-
We include tons of decorative roles and specific roles to apply to your interests and identifications!
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