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The Meme Crusaders

The Meme Crusaders

•are you tired of the ammount of chaos found in big servers? want a server to relax a bit before you go back to making epic memes?

•if you said yes then join "The Meme Crusaders" to get an epic victory royale!

•we got two nsfw channels

•mods tell you some Facts of the day (eh)

•if you make an epic comment we save it in the top comments channel (yeah!)

•you can flip your lid in our spam channel! (epic)

•we have minecraft servers (so we back in the mine...)

•self advertise channel (for everyone who wants new members)

•weekly movie nights (woo!)

etc (oh)
ProtakuEmmie Bumped 15 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
MercyKnifed MercyKnifed
Best Community. Minecraft servers are epic too. I def come here to get my memes. I'll admit, they're pretty spicey
4 1
Nobody likes the french Nobody likes the french
It's aight
Pretty cool bois, better than cbf 1.0
5 1
Pizza Pasta Pizza Pasta
It's epic.
I feel more free than the older cowbelly fourms, I love this. 10/10 for any nonsnitches and memers.

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