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The New Dawn

Hey there! Welcome to The New Dawn. We are a medieval fantasy rp server that invites creative character creation. We also openly invite all rp styles and types. Maybe you arent a great roleplayer? This is a great place to start! Or maybe you are a roleplay veteran? We have many veteran roleplayers on this server! We also have strict rules and a very helpful staff team that is ready to help at any time! Please check it out if you have the time.
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morganaforte morganaforte
A Good Server for Beginners
As someone who has been a part of this community for a couple weeks now, I can most definitely say it is a good place to start for people who are beginning or just casual rpers. The template is simple to fill out, the people are welcoming, and in all honesty, the atmosphere is very relaxed. Along with that, it is very freeform in many ways, although, as any good server does, it has its restrictions.
All in all, I'd recommend to anyone looking to start out, those who are looking for casual rp, or even just rp in general.
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EpicCommander61 EpicCommander61
Would avoid
Immediately, when I joined, I was sent a message with some screenshots, proving the users point. They stated that there is about to be a civil war “OOC” and that it would be better to find another place
𝑴𝒆𝑮𝒂 𝑴𝒆𝑮𝒂
The Unique Dawn
While roleplaying on this server, I found out that this server has some really good pros for me and some cons too. From the start I was really enjoying the server but then it sort of became just a place where I sometimes roleplay that doesn't really attract me anymore.

- The server has factions that you are able to join from the start and you fight for. You get to know new people to work together and if you like co-op roleplay you will like this.

- The community on this server is pretty friendly and the roleplay of other members in my opinion is acceptable.

- A lot of original characters to play with. Each one with unique style not copying others.

- The server became "sleepy" after some time. Meaning most of the people I used to roleplay with just left or either are not so active. Of coarse this doesn't have to be because of the server and it's management but for me it looks like it.

- The map is pretty small and you are told not to time-skip. Again for me this is quiet disturbing but acceptable on the other hand since the roleplay wants to be kept in one time zone/roleplay at the time.

- The server event became really uninteresting after the most of the time and I think that is why the most of the people left... either they don't have anyone to roleplay with or the events just don't become interesting.

𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓻𝓪𝓵𝓵: I would say that the server is decent but needs a lot of improvements at the moment. But I think if you find anyone to roplay with on the server you will have fun and is worth joining then!

Brand Brand
A good start, just needs improvement.

+ The character creation is somewhat simple.
+ The lack of heavy restriction and demand for some semblance of background lore/personality information to the characters means that characters are a lot more free-form, and usually those with a lot of background information tend to end up as well-developed and fun characters to roleplay with.
+ The staff are helpful, and the #submission_discussion page means that people can help guide you as to whether or not your character is unfair/disallowed in some way.
+ The Roleplay is active, with a lot of interaction between players. The events led by staff CAN be interesting, from seeing what has happened before I joined.
+ The channel layout is easy to navigate and fun to use, with some generic "Random (Insert Environment/Place)" channels, so that you're not restricted to a few major cities and locations.
+ Most of the community is friendly and abides by their character sheets, so it creates a fun and pleasant environment.

- One or two players do seem to pull items and skills out of their butts sometimes, not the fault of the staff, it just sometimes kills the mood.

- SOME of the events and storyline, and SOME of the NPCs do seem a little bland, but not all of it, not by far.

- Arguments sometimes occur, but these are usually resolved quickly.

- Despite the server claiming to be strictly PG-13 on it's rules, you can very easily gain an NSFW tag, opening an NSFW page on server, and sometimes you'll occasionally see an ERP channel.