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Hey there! Welcome to The New Dawn. We are a medieval fantasy rp server that invites creative character creation. We also openly invite all rp styles and types. Maybe you arent a great roleplayer? This is a great place to start! Or maybe you are a roleplay veteran? We have many veteran roleplayers on this server! We also have strict rules and a very helpful staff team that is ready to help at any time! Please check it out if you have the time.

This server does NOT do partnerships.
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Emilia~chan Emilia~chan
Over the course of 3 hours, my character received 3 conflicting opinions... All the while, the staff appeared to have no idea what they were talking about and made statements that are factually incorrect about my character.
So, let's just go down the list of things my review turned out to get, just so you can see how infuriating this can get, in descending order of rank (because this is how I was reviewed)
1st (Owner)
- Spears exploding = OP (Refused to elaborate the problem)
- Had no clue what a bracer was
- Asked to define Elementless Magics (was already in the least vague form I could give it)
2nd (Admin)
- Added problem with a poison
- Had a problem with a barrier projected from the soul which redirected damage to it
- Problem with "Turns" (gave an illogical answer to tracking time)
- Had a problem that Elementless Magic has no resistances (false)
3rd (Mod)
- Had a problem with another poison
- Had a problem with armor
- Said I had a spell that was unblockable (false)
- Said I had a spell that granted total immunity (also false, was referring to barrier)
- Problem with a spell that negates any magic used on a target for a time (refused to explain the problem when asked, and refused to talk about it)

Suggestion: You see this? *Don't do this*. This is terrible to do. You make things so hard to follow that it's near impossible to work with the person you're reviewing in the end. You overwhelm them, piss them off, and ultimately drive them away.
Here's my general rule of thumb: If you see an owner (or someone above you) get involved, don't get yourself involved. You can voice your concerns to the person reviewing the sheet, but don't add more to the pile with your own interjections. At the very least, if you must, wait till they ask for an approval or add them after the comments have been gone through. Don't throw in interjections and extra things. It is unwarranted and unnecessary to do so. I think you'd feel the same way if 3 different people reviewed your sheet and gave varying levels of no to you as well, and all for different reasons.
SaeShimizu SaeShimizu
Love it
As someone who has been there since March 2019, I can most definitely say that this is the most relaxed roleplay server where I've ever been to. This server does not force combat roleplay on you in any way, yet you can still get to try it out if you so wish without killing your character.

I have even been given possibility to write my own character arcs as long as I confirm from the admins that the gains are fine to achieve. Writing a character story has never been this enjoyable to me and for the first time during my rp hobby I actually feel like I am in charge of what happens to my character.
I don't need to worry so much or be under heavy pressure of "do I dare to ask if this is okay? Do I need to sh*t bricks before I can get this done?"
I don't need to. Of course I have to write the arc well and come up with logical explanation to stuffs that occur. But I get to do it my way as long as I respect the other players and don't force and abuse my abilities on them.

People here are fair to each other. And to me who's very story oriented rather than combat/ power/ or erp, this server truly is like a dream.

Sure there's not much server lore events. And even if there was, the timezone doesn't exactly click for me. But even so I'm keeping my characters busy with my own story plans.

No character is in the center of the server lore. And this is a good thing.

Really simply love this server and the staff and the ppl in here. Very helpful and positive environment!

Not everything is accepted for the new members, but that's because it's good for the staff to see and learn to trust the members before they allow some ability which can be abused in so many bad ways. But that's for the good of the members, and I hope everyone understands that.

Nothing but love for the server! I would give 10/5, but you know, 5/5 is the limit *shrug*
morganaforte morganaforte
A Good Server for Beginners
As someone who has been a part of this community for a couple weeks now, I can most definitely say it is a good place to start for people who are beginning or just casual rpers. The template is simple to fill out, the people are welcoming, and in all honesty, the atmosphere is very relaxed. Along with that, it is very freeform in many ways, although, as any good server does, it has its restrictions.
All in all, I'd recommend to anyone looking to start out, those who are looking for casual rp, or even just rp in general.
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EpicCommander61 EpicCommander61
Would avoid
Immediately, when I joined, I was sent a message with some screenshots, proving the users point. They stated that there is about to be a civil war “OOC” and that it would be better to find another place