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Valhalla High

Valhalla High

We're a role playing server based off all types of mythology.
When you join you can make your character any sort of fictional being.
We accept everything from the minecraft creeper to Gods.
We are small but have a very active community.
Story- The city of Valhalla. In mythology it was a place where great warriors go to after dying in battle to become great Valkyries ruled by the almighty Odin. In reality it's a... High school? Having just died, you were rejected by heaven and hell so you were automatically enrolled in Valhalla High. Here at Valhalla High mythological creatures of all kinds come together to learn about the greatest beings of all time. With Odin as the principle, and the other gods as teachers, who knows what crazy stuff will happen. Either way, Welcome to Valhalla High!
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Ratings & Reviews

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The Almighty The Almighty
Pretty fun
This server is a lot of fun, and I really enjoy it. The staff team is really nice, and always want to help new people, everything is very balanced with characters, and even allows people to do any type of roleplays they want.
469 days ago