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Star Wars: The Light And The Dark
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Star Wars: The Light And The Dark

This Star Wars RP server takes place in an alternate universe of the Clone Wars. All canon characters do not exist in this time line and are replaced with member made characters.

It's the year 22 BBY, The Clone Wars have begun. The spark of this war was due to the assassination of Jedi Grandmaster Vict Targon. This assassination was conducted by the Confederacy of Independent Systems (The Separatists). The Jedi Order has assembled an army of clone troopers that were born and raised on the planet of Kamino. These soldiers are cloned from the bounty hunter Jango Fett. The Separatist have assembled an army of droids to defend themselves from The Galactic Republic.

From here our story begins, this is your sandbox to form an alternate universe of The Clone Wars, change things that you didn't like about canon and most of all, have fun with all the other Star Wars fans in the server.

Join in the ever raging war between Jedi and Sith as a Jedi Master, maybe Sith initiate, potentially a third party who has their own motives. It is up to you.

We have a high-quality staff who have a load of knowledge about the Star Wars universe and are willing to help. Hope to see you there.
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