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▁▂▃▅▆▇ THE ARTEMIS ▇▆▅▃▂▁
This role play takes place in the year 2111 shortly after a global conflict over space power that brought many countries to their knees. These countries did not have the resources, nor the knowledge to create an FTL spacecraft on their own, so, most of the worlds nations banded together prior to the war and formed the United Coalition for the Exploration of Space. With the combined knowledge of the world, they were able to construct a spaceship capable of slipspace travel. Come Join us on the Artemis and explore the universe! for anything is possible here (join to see full lore)
『server that needs good administrators and GMs!』

『Frequent Events!』

『Sci-Fi action!』

『Lots of Roles to chose from!』

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Skynet Skynet
A hard sci-fi RP based at the start of the space exploration age.
I've found this server to be quite welcoming to newcomers and very helpful during character creation. Though they do have certain prerequisites for the characters that must be met, like the character must be based upon real life logic. Which means no animal hybrids (furries), no super powers, no pseudo-scientific equipment, and such.
You can be either a human or an android, and can choose from a variety of departments such as; Security, Engineering, Science, Medical, Aviation, etc, etc... there are also various ranks for the more militarized departments (Security & Aviation) based upon a real life ranking system for the Navy and Air Force within the USA.

So if you like a hard sci-fi RP that is modern/futuristic based upon real life logic and science, then this is the server for you!
Queen of Madness Nine Queen of Madness Nine
The Artemis, welcoming to all, easy to learn.
A sci fi ship crew roleplay, which is actually quite accepting to newer members of the Discord RP community.
AnzArchyAutistjcen AnzArchyAutistjcen
Organized and Serious, with memes
For those who want a serious RP, join this one.
If you aren't willing to join a serious server, don't join this.

The RP is based basically upon a space crew exploration ship, and the diversity of jobs are expansive. Essentially you could be anything that would logically help an exploration ship in space such as STEM jobs.

The admins on the server are responsible for their jobs, and they are required to do their jobs by their superiors. The admin team is strict and the owners don't just promote random people, they are actually required to do their job actively. The server is very active as well and would be even more active if we could get more (serious) roleplayers in. Of course, when I say serious, I don't mean unnecessary strictness but more of a strict meme community. We're a bunch of memes, but we absolutely do not accept stuff like...
Nekos, furries, ridiculous OP anime characters, very edgy psychopaths.
^ None of that, so if you don't fit in this category and like serious toned sci-fi roleplays, hop in instantly. It's really good.

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