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In 1349, A horrible disease overtook the world, a disease that corrupted and mutated. Known by many names, it is commonly referred to as the Malaise, a word that describes it very well. It's origin is unknown, some believe it came from immigrants across the ocean, some believe it is divine punishment... and some believe it is a culling. The sickness turned father against mother, neighbor against neighbor, knight against lord. Efforts to stop the spread of it were unsuccessful, and it ravaged the country side. Travel became treacherous, the remnants of the population of the world barricaded themselves in towns and castles. For years the world continued this way, the remnants of civilization beginning to crumble, and sprout in new ways. Welcome to the World of Adreiena, We hope you don't die too quickly.

A Dark Fantasy Roleplay, Where the actions of OCs will affect the timeline of Adreiena forever. Will you try to survive in this plagued wasteland, or perhaps bring about the end despite the attempts made by Supernatural entities to save it?

- Malleable Lore
- Unique Factions
- Different ways to Rp, Just enjoy Slice of Life? Try Slice of Life with a hint of death! Enjoy Combat? Take up arms and fight for your chosen side! Really want to rp as a farmer named Bung? Fuck it, The Imperium needs food!
- Helpful Staff, consisting of only the owner at the moment!
- Really Pretty EGirls! Okay I'm not sure about this one.
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