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Mocha Café

Mocha Café

Lonely and looking for fun? Join Mocha Café! We’re a non-toxic and very active server filled with people looking for friends! This server is 13+ and has lively members with great humour, D&D sessions, and more!
Bone Bumped 61 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
Megan Megan
Good but kinda rude...
Nice server and all the people were nice there but what put me off after 5 seconds of being on there was the fact there was a chatroom called #losers and it had everyone who left the server in it, other than that pretty nice.
joker joker
Very decent!
I joined this server looking for friends! It was filled with very lively and active people :3
Bone Bone
Amazing server. Good community
very cool people. Had a great time and met my cute wifey xoxoxo. Would recommend

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