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Little’s Paradise
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Little’s Paradise

。˚・・゚:*✧。* Little's Paradise*。✧*:・゚・˚。
:🌷: ⇢ 100% SFW CG/L / Pet Play Community for everyone!
:🍄: ⇢ A safe place for littles, pets, caregivers and Doms/Owners!
:🌷: ⇢ 50+ Custom roles for you to choose from!
:🍄: ⇢ We've got events such as story time, Preschool and movie nights!
:🌷: ⇢ Pingable babysitter and Owner roles!
:🍄: ⇢ Multiple fun bots to interact with!
:🌷: ⇢ Fun interactive and accepting community for all!
«────── « ⋅ʚ✾ɞ⋅ » ──────»
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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
littlemxophelia littlemxophelia
Welcoming, friendly and supportive!
This server is everything that I was looking for in a little space server! Everyone was incredibly welcoming and they were super helpful whenever I asked questions while I was getting to know how everything works. I'm really grateful to be a part of this specific community because I feel super supported in being little and I feel optimistic that I may even find a caregiver here! All in all, I super recommend this server for the way it's structured, the people on it, and the overall atmosphere!
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Xovain's official Alt Xovain's official Alt
Amazing Community
Our community strives above others as great; We are active and the staff are polite. Impressive.

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