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When The Clock Strikes RP
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When The Clock Strikes RP

⚙️ When The Clock Strikes Lore

You are wherever you may be in the present day world, then you decide to open a door. Inside the door is not what you would see normally if you open the door, it leads to somewhere else. Inside you will find/hear a buzz from old lightbulbs and in your sights you will see gears, pipes, and other steampunk items. Once you go in you notice you are in a hallway full of doors, which are of many different shapes and sizes. There are even doors that aren't on the walls! If you try checking another door before going in you will find it leads to the same place, you are trapped with only one escape, the door that leads to The House of Keys. When the clock strikes 8 o'clock you will feel a surge through your body and next thing you will know you will have been changed by this house into a thing of fantasy which includes powers, changes to the body and more! If you look for an escape to this place.. You will find none. Will you find the answers through the works of this House of Keys or will you try escaping the house into the unknown lands outside? Come join us in this steampunk server!

⚙️ What You Will Find In This Server

1. A welcoming staff team who is willing to help you with your character and their development!
2. A small group of active role-players!
3. Many genres of roleplay in one which all connects to the secret lore that you can discover!
4. Events! Many kinds of styles!
5. Organized server which is not too overwhelming and not too underwhelming!

⚙️ Q&A

Q - What Era Is It? A - Present Day, Until you enter the door, then you enter into a Steampunk Universe!
Q - What Are The Races? A - Human until you go to the house of keys then the possibilities are just about endless! At 8 you turn into whatever you want (Within Reason)
Q - Are Monsters Allowed? A - Yes! (After Transformation) You can be just about anything (No OP OCs though)
Q - Will there be combat? A - You can choose to fight if you want but its not a necessity.
Q - Are there any gods? A - No, this is a god free universe!
Q - Is the world building still progressing? A - Yes! The world is still growing and you can help be a part of that!
Q - Is there a map of the house? A - Yes!

⚙️24/7 Link -
WildWinter Bumped 39 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

12 reviews
Zatoxianer Zatoxianer
One one of the best Discord RP Servers!
Since i had an interest in Rp since i can think of i was happy to join WTCS. The members that Rp together with me are very kind and helpful people that allways are fun to interact with. The same goes for the Admins and mods they all are great and helpful and have an open ear for you. You can tell and see that they put much effort into their server and their storyline. Which keeps progressing with the effort of all members. When you want to find a community and RP where you can have fun and enjoy it. I would say join up and meet me and the others on it. I love this server and i adore everyone on it. The OCs and the people are a cool and funny bunch. So i suggest you join it. See you their!
240 days ago
Turbo Toaster Turbo Toaster
Honestly, a good server!
Now I'm not the type to normally do reviews for servers and all that stuff, but this server is super good. The staff is friendly and kind, and I found it easy to ask them for help. Also, the people on this server are amazing and sweet. It's a fun time and a good place for people who are starting to RP.
247 days ago
Insanity, Mania, ect. Insanity, Mania, ect.
Was Asked To Do This But It’s All From The Heart
This server is, by far, one of the more organized ones I can name so far in my time on Discord. The staff are also pretty friendly and helpful, there are quite a few good memories I have in this server due to that. There’s almost always a staff online and ready to help and that’s been very reassuring. If y’all are reading this then what are ya waiting for? Come and see for yourself, my words do it no justice.

Keep in mind that this review was not influenced in the least by any staff within the server, this is all my point of view on the server and from my heart.
249 days ago
Karasu™ Karasu™
The Owner Told Me To Make A Review
In my opinion, this server is a pretty great one and quite underrated. It could use more people who are willing to roleplay and spread the word about it. The server itself has its unique style and the members here will welcome you with open arms. I personally could be more active here, but I am busy with my own things and will become more immersed in this server when I'm able. Hopefully, this review helps get the word out there and we get even more amazing people to join this wonderful server.
WildWinter WildWinter
Admin response
To anyone wondering.. Yeah, I asked for a review. Making sure no one thinks I influenced what he said. Everything said in this review is all from them ♥
249 days ago