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Bleach: New Life
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Bleach: New Life

~~~Welcome to Bleach: New Life!~~~

We are an Roleplaying server which aims to follow the anime, manga and novel series of Bleach! We have a basic lore we follow. We offer 6 races in our server: Shinigami, Hollow, Quincy, Fullbringer, Bount and Sinner.

Two years after the final remnants of Yhwach's mind was killed by Kazui, the Reio (Soul King) was amongst the other beings that remained alive. There he lay dormant deep in the Dangai, protected by their leader before the Shinigami ripped him apart, awakened by Yhwach to their true heir before his demise. What stepped out was a pure being of four different soul types: Shinigami, Fullbringer, Hollow, and Quincy. A powerful being. Those who were 3rd seat or greater suddenly collapsed into reishi. An idealism of liberation of a reformed world before its demise using condensed reishi for the better. However, it could not succeed in its plan, resulting in a collapse of reishi. It cannot control the manipulation and absorption of reishi. Because of this, the Reio was sent deep into the Dangai once more. Reishi scattered, once more bringing the balance of power of different realms unseen since the fall of the Reio. 10 years passed since. Gradually, different races of all realms began once more in rebuilding their races once more.

~~~What This Server Has to Offer~~~
>> Helpful Staff members
>> RP Events and Giveaways
>> Can Develop Your Own plot!
>> Partnership

Come and join building the New Life of Bleach!
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QubeTheMemeMaster QubeTheMemeMaster
Best Bleach RP server.
- Helpful staff
- Nice lore
- Fun events
- Challenging and rewarding leveling system
- Many races you can choose from
374 days ago
1 7
DanmaKuusou DanmaKuusou
Its friendly and fun here
Everyone here are friendly and helpful. And I can freely create and develop my own plot even under rules
393 days ago