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This is a server created a few months ago, originally made for my friends however as time went, I wanted it to become popular and I tried my best to organize it and fix stuff so I hope my dream comes true!

This discord server features:

-Game nights (random times for when people will join each other to play togheter random games).

-Memes (of course).

-Bots (who wouldn't?)

-Pokemon (a channel)

and MORE!
Updates -- 6th of May 2019:

-Added 1 new rank: Tester.
-New shitpost channel for younger audience. (NO NOT THE TYPE OF SWEARING STUFF!)

Updates -- 28th of April 2019:

-Added 1 new rank: Developer.
-Organized announcement channel a bit more.

Updates -- 27th of April 2019:

-Fixed where PokeCord was (from general to pokemon).
-Added 2 new ranks: Crazy Coffee and Gamer.
-Organized staff member roles (Helper, Moderator, Admin, Trusted, Co-Owner and Owner).
-Removed everything from the past (swearing is not here anymore which might change!)
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What's in this discord server? -- Answers
The reason the creator of the discord server (me) is writing a review on his OWN discord server is to show people what it has.


Alright so, this discord server has been up for a few months, it has memes, game nights, vip servers (for roblox games IF YOU PLAY ROBLOX!! Not that you HAVE TO.) It also has more games! It's still being organized and worked on but me and the staff members hope you'll enjoy it there!
435 days ago