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War Thunder Community
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War Thunder Community

This is a war thunder community with several roles to pick and channels to write in!
Choose your country, main vehicle, side activities and more!
You can also join our game nights which are held every sat. at 11am GMT!
We thrive to be a chill server made for anyone who is interested in the game!
We'll also have occasional tournaments!
ms. Toaster Bumped 42 minutes ago

Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
Char B1 Bis Char B1 Bis
Enjoyable server with tight-knit community.
Of all the small servers Iv'e been in, this was quite possibly one of my favorites.
There are a lot of people to talk to, and there are events that go on. I hope to never leave this server as it is enjoyable, and I made a few friends.
90 days ago
2 1
Hitler The Vegetarian Hitler The Vegetarian
Deserves to grow
This server is currently small but it has quite a lot of interesting things to do. But it still needs a bigger community because it get's kind of boring with all these things but only 10 members.
504 days ago