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Cosmos Roleplay
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Cosmos Roleplay

Welcome to my all new roleplay server were everyone is included! It is based mostly on Dragon Ball Z but any characters are allowed anime or not!! This server will be for people who are going to roleplay so don't just join and not do anything for a week cause you will be kicked!
BunnyLover Bumped 2 days ago

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Fran Fran
Pretty Good. Not the best, but pretty good.
This server, despite having the Dragon Ball related tags, is actually a free rp server (i.e, ocs dont have to be Dragon Ball themed). Although granted, not everyone in here is the best of all roleplayers, most of the server being in a pretty neutral state. However, there are quite a bunch of great rpers. The server isn't very harsh with oc judging, which can be both good and bad, but thats up to context.

Overall, I'd say that for an RP Server, it is a pretty good time in. Nice community, many channels, good OC format.
Officer Jimmy/Ronnor Candall Officer Jimmy/Ronnor Candall
Pretty Rude
Sorry about no grammar but anyways i know im not too good at roleplaying but people like to talk shit just because i cant rp well it is pretty bad id say if your wanting to have a good time go somewhere else!

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