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City of Vantria
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City of Vantria

This is a fantasy-ish (read lore) roleplay server. Its still pretty new, so things are still growing, but I'd say it's decent enough at it's current stage. There's not a whole lot of people, but I'm sure if we get more people, the server will grow to be a lot better!

Lore Summarized: People gain magical powers, government locks them in a city built away from civilization, and guarded by a specialized military force.

Link to lore (as it is right now):

NOTE: You don't have to rp if you don't want, you can just stay and chat. ¯=_(ツ)_=¯
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Shao Li Shao Li
Awesome server !
Really great roleplay story plot, great people and great staff ! I recommend you join 100% !