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Fantajī Highschool
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Fantajī Highschool

Welcome welcome to Fantaji Highschool!
Here we allow all sorts of students!
Zombies, werewolves, vampires, demons, angels, you name it, we allow it!
We don't discriminate, as long as you don't kill too many people you're good to go! We hope you enjoy your stay!
PS. We are not responsible if you are killed by any of the other students, please tell your guardians beforehand if you are planning to die here.
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Senpai Sinner Senpai Sinner
I love this place. my fav server
4 1
obunga obunga
Involved with the dark web
Ive seen a member post a image and admit its from the dark web, stay away from this server.
5 1
Jasmine~chan Jasmine~chan
Oh god... Even the owner notices everyone is broken.
I... I can't... In my years of roleplay, I have *never* seen such a thing in my life. The *owner* of all people literally says "everyone is OP"... How...? I'm legitimately dumbfounded!
Suggestion: I know this doesn't work at this point, but... You know... Actually review bios? It's not that hard to do so, especially balance bios. I know in my past reviews I make it seem complicated, but the job is not that hard.