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For those of you seeking a great place to talk positivity and spirituality this is for you! Here there is nothing but welcoming vibes on a path to reach enlightenment and growth. Discuss LoA, Astrology, Astral Projection and many other wondrous topics about the soul’s capabilities. No one is discriminated against, all are welcome!

We are the best Spiritual Discord online!

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-Community based!
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Alex The Fresh Wizard Alex The Fresh Wizard
If you like finding like-minded positive people, this is the place for you!
I don't quite remember when I joined this server, but I remember that I made a life long friend within the first few days of joining. There are so many different types of people from different parts of the world, from different cultures and creeds, all with the same willingness to share their thoughts, experiences and lessons they've learnt with each other.

In the time I've been a part of this group, I've seen people learn and grow and literally become better people through conversation and self reflection. I've seen weirdos, good and bad; each time has been just as interesting as the other. I've seen people console each other from hardship, I've seen people express relief that there are others who think like they do. I've made a lot of friends here, friends that I should even hope to visit in person soon!

This is a haven for someone who would like to find friends as similar or as different as they are. Whether you would like to learn and share knowledge of astrology, dream interpretation, spirituality, law of attraction, self betterment, life goals or just how life is going in general, you're much more than welcome here!

Come in and say hey! If you find me around, drop me a message!

We also have a dope podcast that the server members listen to. You can be a part of it yourself!
Mouchabourta Mouchabourta
Good vibes and interesting people
Great server with an active community and mods that are ready to welcome you at any given time. I would recommend stardust to anyone that enjoys discussing spirituality or wants to learn.
dbeachy1 dbeachy1
Stardust is a postive place!
I've been on Stardust for about a month now, and I quite like it here. The staff does a great job keeping the server a positive place to chat and meet other positive people. After having come from several other Discord servers about spirituality that were anything BUT that, I've finally found a home at Stardust. :)
Kallisto_Day Kallisto_Day
Friendly and caring server
People in this server are very welcoming and willing to share. I felt comfortable and welcome from the beginning. If you are looking for a place to learn or are just interested in spirituality then this is a good place to go.