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Official Public Discord server for INTJ's. Freedom of speech along with discussion/debate is encouraged.
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Free speech = mute
I got muted for 4 days for calling the owner a brony. Intuitive Hub is a LOT better and you should probably join that server instead. The owner has also been accused of being a pedophile and so has one of his mods.
ErickCBass ErickCBass
Debate and Discussion is ACTUALLY encouraged!
If you are someone who values freedom of speech and is looking for a place to debate, discuss, and defend even the most controversial ideas, then this is the server for you!

Mods are not ban-happy as disagreeing and debating with mods is encouraged. Potential changes to rules or the infrastructure are seriously considered. It is set up to give as much power to the people as possible, while limiting the mods from acting drastically on simple whim.

True INTJ values are what is fostered here. Come be around the only people who won't ostracize you for your unconventional (but correct (; ) beliefs!

[intellectual disclaimer: I am a mod]