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🌿 Faerie's Cottage 🌿
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🌿 Faerie's Cottage 🌿

🌿 Faerie's Cottage 🌿 is a witchcraft based server! We serve as a chill study group for witchcraft. Our server is almost always active!

🐌 30+ Self-roles! From Identity, to Religion/belief, to what types of witch you are, we got you covered!

🐌 We are LGBTQIA+ inclusive, and we also accept anyone into our cottage regardless of experience with witchcraft. All we require you to have is a genuine interest in witchcraft, and the will to learn!

🐌 The age recommendation for our server is 16+. We do not allow any NSFW content, as we wish to keep a safe space for our youngsters! If you have any questions upon joining our server, anyone on our staff will be able to help you!

✨ We hope to see you soon~! ✨
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Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews
Dagheidr Dagheidr
Such a cute server
I never chat in here, but it’s honestly such a cute server. everyone is so welcoming and sweet, and it’s definitely a great place to find community.
171 days ago
✧ Miss Bunny Witch ✧ ✧ Miss Bunny Witch ✧
A Warm Cottage
It’s a really nice place to talk to fellow witches, exchange spells and such. it’s also a really good place to begin your journey and to find your path!
469 days ago
Cara Valen Cara Valen
Lovely place, I wish there were less pings though
Wonderful server, very welcoming and friendly, and is non-judgmental! I would recommend it to anyone who is pagan or who uses the craft! My only complaint is the amount of pings—there are far more than I would like—sometimes we get pinged multiple times in one day. But still, it is a wonderful server.
472 days ago
.☆Little Prince☆. .☆Little Prince☆.
Very Welcoming and Helpful
I would highly recommend this person for any level of witchcraft. Its perfect for baby witches since a ton of our most experienced memebers are always willing to help and link sources. The admins are very good at their job and keep the plave well orinized. Everyone inside is ver accepting and supportive. If you are looking for a nice chill place to meet other witches or learn more I would recommend
472 days ago