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Kracoran City

Kracoran City

Welcome to Kracoran City!

The year 2250. With the rapidly thriving technology developing to where flying cars, holograms, teleportation, time travel, magic, and more thrive in Kracoran City. Many species like Humans, Vampires, Warlocks, Witches, Werewolves and Demi-gods live in this growing city. Peace looms in the city so far. It bustles with life and abundance, the ever growing city continuously growing more with new immigrants coming into the city. However, a strange tension begins to arise between the supernatural races and humans. It seemed like a single mistake from the Vampire race sparked the start of it all. Internally, Vampires and Werewolves began to have a tension with each other also after a dead body of a Werewolf lay decapitated in the city streets. Will peace remain or will it spark a start of a war between the supernatural and the humans and between the vampire and werewolves?

--++What our Server Has to Offer++--
>oo Friendly and Helpful Staff Members
>oo NSFW channels
>oo Self Assignable Roles
>oo Roleplayers and Non-Roleplayers allowed

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ZeInsaneStabber ZeInsaneStabber
Good place, pretty active
I liked it while it lasted. If you like some fantasy and urban mixed together this is the place.