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❝Hypnosis mic Official 🎤❞

❝HYPNOSIS MIC 🎤. is a server only about hypnosis mic! and anime. we want to make this beautiful series bigger and bigger so it becomes a great community.

join a gang, chat with fans, listen to their music, claim anime characters and many more.
not only fans can join, but also people who are interested and people who like anime.

what's hypnosis mic you ask?

Hypnosis Mic is a rap-based CD series that feature 12 Japanese voice actors each voicing their own individual characters. A collaborative effort between four companies is what created this wonderful series.
You can listen to their awesome rapping/songs on soundcloud. ❞

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fushi. fushi.
since I'm the leader, I think it's a nice server. even tho it's a still in progress ^^.
people are nice, kicked when they break a rule and positive!