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$; Yeah all my friends no fun.
nis Bumped 119 days ago

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Ayla🧡 Ayla🧡
sinner server
this server is very nice i made friends so easy the owner is very chill 😍 shahsjsjdjdnshehehdhdbdjsjsjsushsbsbsjsjddjhdhdbdbdvdbd
540 days ago
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ate my microwaved potatoes
server gave me a free can of baked beans, and boy am i happy
they also taught me how to make a lemon and grub salad which tastes amazing
i learnt so many things there!
server is amazing
recommend u join it
576 days ago
nis nis
Best server
I just recently joined this server and already I feel so happy to be apart of this community. Everyone is super nice and active (at times). It really puts a smile on your face to talk to the members and staff of this server while using any of the many chats they have to offer. I was very bored and had no idea what I wanted to do with anything until I joined this server. I was bouncing around from server to server before I ended up here because no other server I joined was like this one. Once I joined it was a bit slow at talking but everyone soon started welcoming and saying hi to each other. A lot of the servers I joined, no one would join me when I asked to play some games. BUT, as soon as I said something here I was greeted and right away had someone want to play some Overwatch with me. If you're feeling like I did and you're trying to find the right place to make great new friends as well as people to talk to and play games with, this is most definitely the server for you. This server definitely will lighten up your mood with its many chats and very chill members. Once more the chats are great, the server staff/owner and members are all super nice and respective towards everyone and you would be very happy to be apart of this community. (We also play lots of games so you should totally join for that as well as how cute and well done the server is. The server owner should be proud for everything they've done!!!)
576 days ago
tymon tymon
greatest most epic server made
best server made, great community best server owner ive seen and admins great help 10/10 would force my nan to join again. if you have the chance to join then go ahead you fucking prick.
576 days ago