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Roleplay Bar

Come into the bar and have a drink! Or just meet new people to roleplay with your OCs! We're always friendly here and have a pint ready just for you. It's a chill server where you can come in to make friends or create stories with other writers.
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edaya edaya
what the heck man so bad >:(
lol im just kidding. Honestly, this server is great. I've been so distracted with the amazing and loving community that I haven't even had the chance to roleplay yet.The co-owners are outstanding at what they do and how they run the server. I've never been in any other server with a staff team that treats everyone fairly. Not to mention, they are all pretty active and don't treat others like they're below themselves. It's awesome. AHHH THE COMMUNITY IS SO GOOD I WANNA SCREAM
InfidelSlayer InfidelSlayer
Need I say anything?
Admins? Simply wonderful
Mods? The best you could ask for
The People? Beautiful and Outstanding, each and every one of them
I was looking for Gold and found Diamonds
4 1
saucy cowboy saucy cowboy
Very Fun and Accepting
This is a very nice server! It has a great community with amazing people, and a very active roleplay section. The people there are just wonderful, and they provide great advice! The money system is also lots of fun. The only pet peeve I have is the lack of people wanting to do realistic role plays, but I have my own server for that!