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***__Realm of Ethereal.__***

• *Realm of Ethereal is a brand new, fast growing medieval fantasy roleplay server. It is a place where you can chill, where we value both RP and
community quality. Dive into a magical world between battling nations, wild jungles, desert wastelands, unexplored cities, and much more! Forge your character's story into the world of Ethereal!*

**__We offer the following!__**

***__General__*** :

• A friendly, ever-growing community of 500+ members! 💜
• Self-assignable roles! A variety of colors for your account in the server! 🌈
• Fun bots to play with! 🤖
• Awesome weekly giveaways! 👌
• Drama free server! 👏

***__Roleplay__*** :

• Over 100+ areas with their own singularity and attributes, for your character to venture and explore! :wowreact:
• Original and unique lore, with updates on a regular basis and a detailed map of the land! 📕
• Detailed lore sheets and literate RP! 📘
• Awesome quests and events on a regular basis! ⚔

*DISCLAIMER: We are looking for staff!* ☑

• Banner & Invite:
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Ratings & Reviews

13 reviews
🌠⚡Raeva⚡🌠 🌠⚡Raeva⚡🌠
I simply love it!
I joined Ethereal through grand central (lovely rp hub and resource you should try it) and since then I've only been met with guidence and a sense of community!
2 1
Elifu~! Elifu~!
^-^ Gud!
community makes me laugh and be happy all the time, there are many caring people! i don't rp that much because of school but there are always so many things going on and i don't mean to say it's overwhelming! you simply never get bored because there are many things you can do! :o
4 1
Lydia Pentaghast Lydia Pentaghast
Very welcoming
This server has acted very kindly to people, even people who make mistakes. The only people that aren’t treated like family are people who try to gain our trust only to stab us in the back and raid the server as an admin abuser. I love this server, and think it will stay active for a long time
3 1
SabeyAlt SabeyAlt
Very nice server
I recommend this server to every single person who likes medieval fantasy roleplay. Rules, lore, events, this server misses nothing of the real needs of a roleplayer, and the power level isn't even that much, making it very enjoyable.