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Realm of Ethereal
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Realm of Ethereal

Embark on a fun, adventurous journey in a medieval fantasy world, with unique, original lore and over 50+ areas to RP in! The server has very recently gone public, and so we're looking for staff too!

What we wish to offer:

✥ An LGBT friendly community!
✥Over 50+ areas to RP in!
✥Unique and original lore, with regular updates!
✥A variety of color roles!
Jeo Alter Bumped 1 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
kermitthehog132 (Brantley) kermitthehog132 (Brantley)
Pretty awesome server
I've been in my fair share of servers, but this one is on a whole other level! Such a kind and friendly staff and a pretty decent community of players, I highly suggest this server if you want a chill place to go to. There are loads of events that happen regularly and they arent actually bad, but anyways it's an all around good place to be.
35. 35.
I'm cool.
The server is cool. It has cool personalities like me and me.
Sometimes you might even see me, I'm not sure.
Octo Octo
I really like the chill and friendly community! The RP areas inspire your character and the detailed, in-depth lore is great. I think it's a really good server and that it's worth joining and giving it a try!