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Mercury ♡

✰ ~ Mercury is a friendly and open community for everyone!
We welcome you all to our server. We'd love to meet you all so drop on by and grab a cup of hot chocolate ~

Here are some things our server has to offer is:

✰ Friendly community - This server gives you the free opportunity to be able to tag along and chat away with anyone. Maybe even make some new friends~

✰ Gaming - We love to play video games and might even share similar game interests such as yours.

✰ Art - Have fun sharing some of your proudest artwork. We don't mind.

✰ Supportive environment - We do our best to keep an open mind to each and one of you. So don't fret as I love each and everyone of you for just being yourselves

✰ Anime - If you'd like to talk about some of your favorite shows, or show favorite characters then that's perfectly fine here~

✰ Wholesome content - Everyone loves a lil bit of good vibes! Come on by and show each other gratitude and all around sincere kindness to one another. <3
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