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Mercury ♡
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Mercury ♡

Mercury is a friendly and open community ヽ(^ω^*)
We welcome you all to our server! We'd love to meet you all so drop on by and grab a cup of hot chocolate! ♥
Some things we have to offer is:
Opportunity to tag along and chat away, and even make some new friends as well
♥*♡∞:。.。Gaming 。.。:∞♡*♥
We love to play video games and maybe even share similar game interests such as yours! <3
Art! Share some of your proudest artwork, we don't mind!
♥*♡∞:。.。Supportive community 。.。:∞♡*♥
We keep an open mind to each and one of you, so don't fret as I love each and everyone of you for just being yourselves c:
If you want to talk about some of your favorite shows, or show favorite characters then that's fine here!
♥*♡∞:。.。Emotes 。.。:∞♡*♥
Grab some free emotes as a bonus! More to come soon in the future! ^v^
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