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eat ass today
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eat ass today

he;lo we're idiots and we're also lonely 😌🙏 please join to help keep our small community active! (1/4 bots and half get off to cheating on us or something smh)

we listen to music, touch bots, enjoy anime, share art, play games, shit post and receive free hugs and shrugs

come for cattoes, and stay for the peopl

Don’t be intimidated by the server name!
𝕤𝕝𝕖𝕕 𝕗𝕒𝕤𝕥 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕖𝕒𝕥 𝕒𝕤𝕤
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Hwakurori Hwakurori
Surprisingly wholesome despite a questionable name
When the words “eat ass today” popped up as the server name of a link my friend sent me, I was like ohhhhh boyyyy it’s gonna be full of wackos. But to my surprise, the people in the server are some of the most relatable, friendly, and just downright hilarious people I’ve ever met. Over the past month or so of interacting with the people in this server, I’ve become deeply connected with this small community of crazies. So don’t be shy! Come on down to EAT and discover a whole new world of inane happiness.
unsolveit unsolveit
There is so Much More Than a Title
The first time I joined, I was intimidated by how many members there were and being the introvert lazy ass I was, I left. However, the name "eat ass" lingers on the back of my head. It bothered me that at one point, I thought of asking the link again. I don't know if it was because of the guilt or if it was something else. Not for long though, because Emmoy gave me that chance. I grew confident for no reason, what's the worst thing that could have happen? The moment those words "eat ass" started to cling on my noggin, it wasn't because those words itself was amusing. Because the second time I joined, I didn't need to force myself to talk. Everything just flowed like clear and gleaming river on a village. I grew comfortable with everyone, getting to know each other flaws and clouts day by day. Whether it's about if they prefer ass or tits, kinky taste of music, their own troubles and so on. I was able to fit in and I wish I was invited the day the server was created. I didn't regret any single all nighters I pull because of it. No harm on wanting to spend more time with people like y'all, no?

Wholesome hours:

"I love this server ngl" - akhil

"tbh everytime yall chat here i feel My acne scream in pain bc im smiling so much and GETTING 12 packs from laughong u all can marry me" - emmy

"I grew my own pp smh" - tram

"Polygamy is my favourite hobbee" - robyn

"" - curl

"I gave some chips to some random kids and they kept drinking water in which made it worse" - jason

"And when it got to my turn, all the teacher did was ask two questions right? Should be easy right? No
She asks how old my mum is
I mess up and say she's 4 years old" - anastasia

"Bruh once this moth was getting really comfortable being around me like it was flying on and off my hand and shit and all of a sudden he just stopped flying and was like chilling on my hand.
Bitch was dying" - pine

"Im God, enough said" - patrick

"Frances puede ir a cojer se si quiere" - kevin

"What in the ever loving fuck did I just walk into?" - katie
roads roads
I loaf them
I love everything about this server, the people, the acceptance, and of course....the ass n tiddies. Honestly one of my favourite things is checking the server to see what strange oracle has joined and become an addition to our little campfire. Couldn’t recommend a more welcoming server! ❤️
Fwuffles Fwuffles
When I was first invited to this server, I thought it would be very weird and wasn't sure how to go about the name, but when I joined, I didn't regret it for a second! The server is full of weird and wonderful people who are always there to welcome you. Since being one of the first to join, I have seen how the server has grown, with people coming and going. We always try and make it an even more fun place than it already is. Trust me. You join and you'll have so much fun! Especially in VCs.