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Welcome to surreality! A server where you can talk to others who think outside the box like you do. Interested in the Occult? Converse with other witches or learn from others. Discuss various topics such as divination, astrology, conspiracy, reality, ect. Join and help us grow today! Looking for Moderators also.
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lilbocreepy lilbocreepy
Pretty good and helpful.
Nice people and a good place for witches and lovers of astrology. Everyone is pleasant and not bigoted! I’ve only been shown love and support in this server and I highly recommend it.
378 days ago
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Primrose Primrose
Racism and Islamaphobia
This server is absolutely crawling with racists, islamaphobes, Nationalists, and other very unpleasant people. I was highly uncomfortable within this server and do not recommend joining it.
402 days ago
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gammy gammy
Amazing server!
Ever since joining Surreality I've felt as if I found a new home. There's a great sense of community and growth, and it has inspired productivity and accountability in myself, I don't feel judged and my opinions are respected in debates. I enjoy talking about conspiracies as it has really opened me up to new views on things. The members are awesome and supportive, and there is a great balance of friendship and laughs, as well as seriousness about self development and becoming better versions of ourselves. The server is still growing so it can only get better.
462 days ago
1 3
Sinbad Sinbad
Great set up
462 days ago