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Welcome to... 𝐵𝓁𝑜𝑜𝓂ﻮ ┊♧

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Bloom is a safe community for adults, by adults.
We are 18+ but we're not a porn server! We're a non-toxic server for adults who just want to chat with other adults and have extended discussions, talk about interests, and just have fun without worrying about censoring ourselves in front of a younger crowd. We care for and support one another like family, and you can be assured you're in a supportive, safe place.

↱ Verification system to stay troll & raid free
↱ Many roles to customize your profile
↱ Channels for everything you're interested in
↱ Suggestions system so your ideas are heard
↱ Starboard for fun memories
↱ Space to vent, seek advice, and write letters to 'x'
↱ Frequent voice chats

and so much more! Come join us to find out and become part of an awesome family! Don't let the member count deter you, we are a very active server with a lot to do!

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Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews
Wish༄ needs pms Wish༄ needs pms
Met some great people here
There are some amazing people in this server. They make you feel welcomed and like family. You won't regret joining us and becoming part of our home.
Davin Davin
Best server!
I was lucky to find this server as soon as I was looking for one to join. Lots of amazing and supporting people, just and great staff, plenty of rooms to chat in about different subjects. I kinda don't want to leave a good review just to have this place to myself.
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Hoodlum072 Hoodlum072
Best Server
great server, amazing people and staff, friendly environment. This place feels like home to me. I feel very accepted and I can be my goofy self, highly recommend joining.!!!!
Ellidyre Ellidyre
Pretty Awesome Place
So there I was, lookin around for a new server to call my home, and after searching through server after server of ridiculous natures or ones that just don't suit my needs I came across Gold Together. This place really is gold, the staff do their job right, the users of the place are friendly, laid back and the mixing of personalities makes this place great. It's also a smaller community, which is a lot nicer than those places that are pumped so full of people you never know what's going on. So if you're looking to try a new place, come on in to Gold Together, and there we can all be together golden.