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The Sewer

Hey, y'all ! This is my sewer and me, the Rat, invite you to join my humble home. This sewer is owned by my buddies, Giant and Goblin, and me! Here is what our humble sewer has to offer:
- We have an assortment of sewer tunnels (general channels) such as a simple general chat and more !
- We have entertainment pipes that include channels with various topics to talk about different subjects, from video games and music to astrology and anime (and more)! Plus, we're open to suggestions for new channels!
- An admin staff that cares about this server and will answer to any question or comments you have!
- We don't have super strict rules. As long as you follow discord's TOS and the rules we - We are a brand new server and we are open to anything! We also might be looking for some Alpha Rat moderators in the future

Thank you for taking the time to read this ! I hope you can take a gander at our beautiful, cozy and rodent-filled sewer! Thanks!
Rat.attacc Bumped 15 hours ago

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3 reviews
thicc pewdiepie thicc pewdiepie
Lizzy is a thot but milk is cool
Lizzy is a thot but milk is a good person also green giant is also lit but I must emphasize that Lizzy likes to lick toes now when I say Lizzy likes to lick toes, that is an understatement. In fact, she loves to lick toes so much that idk but milk is cool in fact, everyone else on the server, except, Lizzy is the best, I just find a little bit odd how much Lizzy likes toes. I mean, like, it's kind of disturbing at times, but, you know I deal with it
Tokalen Tokalen
Wonderful crowd
The people in this server and the people that run it are absolutely delightful. Everyone is friendly and open. It’s easy to make new friends in this server. I recommend it!
Nora Nora
Pretty good
Ive only been in it for a short amount of time but I enjoy it a lot and i cant wait for it to grow.

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