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Lock n' Key
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Lock n' Key

It's a lewd BDSM role-play server. Need i say more? (probably)

I invite you to Lock 'n Key, an ERP server based around BDSM, I hope to gain a user base of non-toxic BDSM enthusiasts like myself.

There are music channels, NSFW channels, RP channels and a suggestion tab so that the server can be bettered and improved upon.

I hope to see you soon.

Foxy25432 Bumped 13 hours ago

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smol kittn smol kittn
Great server!
All i can say is that this is an amazing server with people open to a lot of stuff, not only did i find people with the same interests, or people to RP with, but i also found friends :3 worth the join!
Space Space
Fun RP Server
Really nice and friendly people. I'm not good at writing reviews, sorry about that.

Why don't you review Lock n' Key?