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Shadowhunters: The Angelic Armory
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Shadowhunters: The Angelic Armory

New York has always been a hot bed for underworld activity, but only recently have mundanes been so intrigued by it. A cult of demon worshipers has formed seemingly from no where, lead by a shadowy figure with the powers of a nephilim. This cult has been known to summon multiple demons, with the power to control and empower them. Meanwhile the vampires have started to become more active, and rumors of mass murders done with blood leaching have surfaced in the population. A new pack of werewolves have come come into the city, who claim to be of heritage of the first werewolf. They now are attacking the local pack and stealing their turf. Warlocks are mysteriously disappearing for months at a time, and reappearing with no memory of capture and strange symbol placed upon their bodies. Additionally an object has fallen from the sky, which has been discovered to be a sword radiating holy power. Chaos ensues, and it is only by the hand of the shadow hunters that the city does not collapse. However there are those who believe the shadow hunters should leave the city, and allow it’s shadow realm to run itself.

Come join the shadow world!
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Celius Celius
Fantastic server, active even at night
Despite the low amount of members, it still manages to stay moderately active. The staff (sorry, the ONE staff member) are incredibly supportive and optimistic even towards newcomers to the series. Take it from me, a person who doesn't know anything about Shadowhunters. Join this server, you won't regret it if you like the lore of it.