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Nexus - A Pathfinder Server
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Nexus - A Pathfinder Server

This server is a living world campaign, like a MMORPG. Several DMs and many players.

In the world of Nexus, five nations stand at odds. Recently, the fifth kingdom has fallen and a war has begun. Join as a player or game master, we are accepting both.
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12 reviews
Solaire Solaire
Pathfinder on the go
If you enjoy roleplaying games of any kind then you will enjoy this server. The staff are helpful and make it very easy for noobs to pathfinder (such as myself) to learn the ropes and get into the game. In just a few hours you can create a character and begin your journey in this awesome fictional world. This new server is growing fast and I encourage you to join and have fun with us!
Halross Halross
Pretty Good
Hey, that's pretty good
Nightcaster Nightcaster
Fuck me It's Pathfinder
Alright so, it's Pathfinder, father of the TPK and hate. If you like brutality, comedy, and general understanding, you've shown up at the right place. The Server is full of bickering people who like to make jokes, save the day, and probably drink way too much. If this sounds like your cup of tea, join.
Soultaker Soultaker
Nexus Server
I really like this server because everyone's so full of energy and helpful as well. The GMs are on quite reasonably and everything just seems so chill.

Loving it all.

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