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We are an adult BDSM focused server, with lots of different roles.
For those who love to chat, be naughty, and have a good time in a safe environment.


+ Active Voice Channels
+ Weekly NSFW & SFW Video events (premium server zoom)
+ NSFW Text & Image Channels
+ Music, Gaming, and Movie Events
+ Welcoming Community & Stimulating Conversations
+ ID Verification
+ Premium Leveling Up System and Benefits
+ Over 25 Bots to play with
+ Giveaways
+ 200+ self assignable roles
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Ratings & Reviews

36 reviews
NotAndroid18 NotAndroid18
This server is poop with loads of creeps :):):):):)):):):):):):):):)):):):):):)):):):):):):
39 days ago
0b 0b
Good server chill people
Nice place to get to know people from all over the world. People of all types and kinds are welcomed and accepted. Very accepting community and very quick to remove cancerous people. Nice owner even though he is a bit of a cuck. Jk (not really). We have events almost every day and plenty to do on the server.
39 days ago
z0mbi z0mbi
Fantastic Home.
I stumbled into this server on a search for just new people to hang out with, and I was immediately pleased. This is a fantastic, low key, tight-knit community of people. Everyone here is pretty mature, and the server is kind of "big enough" for all kinds of people to exist and be friends and hang out. There are events almost every day, and the voice chats are literally always active. The staff are pretty dang unbiased and extremely friendly, and I'd recommend this server to anyone, really, who has a mature mindset and wants to make some good friends.

#JustBearThings #FuzzyForPres
41 days ago
Zoose Zoose
These bitches NOT be conspiring against you
Love the server, it's fun as can be and everyone's just super accepting of other people. Join it now or forever be disappointed
41 days ago