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Naruto: Rise of Shinobi
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Naruto: Rise of Shinobi

!!!!!Looking for literate rpers over the age of 17!!!!!

takes place immediately after the formation of the villages. Same plot line but with our own characters. Pre Naruto, post hashirama. Bit of AU. Adult themes.

Konoha, suna, Kiri, iwa, and kumo are newly developed. Fragile relations between each continent is ever threatening to erupt into violent war over the fight for dominance, strength, and ideas. The only thing keeping the ever increasing tension at bay was that they needed each other. The balance between trade, the freedom to travel, the wealth of information between villages is reliant on their truces.... But something so small as a drop of blood, a misunderstood word, a simple disagreement can break this fragile peace and plummet the world back into bloody anarchy. Every choice made takes your village one step in either direction. Can the peace between the continents last, even if there are those that may plan for it's demise?

°nsfw channel
°adult geared server with adult OCS (no more 15 year old majority!)
°active, literate rp
°dedicated and available staff
°looking for a couple of literate rpers to join akatsuki, taka, and take canon character spots!!!! ( Madara, and possibly izuna or hashirama later.)
°no one under the age of 18. This is an adult geared server... If we find out you're 12 you'll be kicked.
°always looking for dedicated rpers for admin, staff, or main characters.
°Biiju available, most clans available, all villages available for now.
°relaxed environment, easy going community, activity is encouraged.

If you're tired of rping with young kids, try us out. We're still very new but lots of fun! And there's lots of roles and positions open.
Plus the staff are mostly pretty girls haha. Come chill with us :)
Yeezy_west Bumped 11 hours ago

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