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Plus ultra! (BNHA/MHA roleplay server)
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Plus ultra! (BNHA/MHA roleplay server)

Welcome to the UA Hero Academy! Here, you will train to become awesome heroes, and defend people against villains! We are super excited for you to join us on your journey!

This server takes place as a kind of next-gen after the main series. The staff is... interesting... We are a small server now, but with time, we will grow! We are super excited for you to come roleplay with us! Join us~
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Slimy_Music_Boi Slimy_Music_Boi
Its a fun place
This server is fun and filled with nice people. Even if your not into rp, the people are awsome to talk to. I have a lot of fun there. The staff will find a way to fix a problem even if it takes a little bit. I really enjoy this place and you might too. We know the whole bnha rp thing might be overdone, but ours is simple, easy to follow. I think the staff is nice and so are the members. I hope you enjoy this server if you decide to join. I really do.
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🌼 Teasel 🌼 🌼 Teasel 🌼
Galaxy “Staff”
I had come into the server after being told there was a staff who had both an op character and refused to change such

He had a bias because he wanted to keep the character even after being told multiple times by a staff members and two people in general to change it (and explaining how unfair it is, In depth) he still refused and said he’d just void it and just gave a horrible impression as staff, I disliked him a lot and am writing this review to warn new members and get him removed from his position (this is coming from someone who runs a server)
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Horrid and Unactive Staff
If staff can't deal with an op character without being biased then they shouldn't be staff. Honestly the server is full of op people and staff who don't know how to deal with anything by themselves.