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Furry x Human Prison/Town RP! 18+ [ERP]
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Furry x Human Prison/Town RP! 18+ [ERP]

HEY! Hey you! ....Yes you! Join this server!
This server is about rping in a prison and a town! You can either choose to be a prisoner, guard, or a citizen! We eon't promise that you'll want to stay but we can try to make your stay a good time!
erikun Bumped 21 hours ago

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Gamerblam Gamerblam
The owner seems to spam quite often and goes fooling around,despite one of the rule they made was No Spamming.
The server seems more like a meme server rather then an RPing server in my mind.
Despite the No Spamming thing,nobody seems to do a thing about it.
All and all the server is alright in a way,but still has work to do