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Fluffy Origins: Furry Town RP [18+]
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Fluffy Origins: Furry Town RP [18+]

HEY! Hey you! ....Yes you! Join this server!
This server is about your character moving into a town to meet new people, explore the town, etc. Your character can have any power you choose for them but only one though so choose wisely! We won't promise that you'll want to stay but we can try to make your stay a good time!
This server has Custom Roles ( not finished ), Custom colors ( Not all yet ), Roleplay, NSFW, Voice Chat, etc. But, You must only be 18 or older to join.
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Narrccs Narrccs
Well uh, It's great and all but there isn't much people on the server. And why are there people in the reviews saying that the server is bad. Whoever you are, Fuck you. You fucking clowns. 🤡
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xoon.x xoon.x
Here's my opinion..
Hello, if any of the server admins see this, yes this is Apollo.
This server, by far used to be my favorite for the most part. Filled with friendly people, nice staff, and overall just a good community. I grew with this server, making me find myself. (Hell, I was even a Co-Owner of this server at one point). But recently things started going for the worse. The (main) owner is rude, almost never online, and really doesn't do her job. Also, when she leaves work for the admins, she doesn't allow them to do bull while she's gone (ie. Create channels, ban/kick troublesome members, etc.). She also keeps a hacker around, underaged children, and a very... Interesting older man who seems to enjoy gathering romantic bonds with minors on this server.
Also the owner is a minor herself, being at the age of 15. Though she always seems to claim that she is 18 to any authority. But she's only 15-

I suggest that you do not join the server. It really is fucked up now. Most of the current members there are rude, and the owner is bonkers for the most part uwu;

I give this review a three star rating due to my previously had hope for the server. From my time as Co-Owner, I tried to fix up the server the best I could. I saw the servers potential. But it was too stressfil to the point where I had to leave the server just to get some alone time from all of the nagging and the unnecessary pings. But the server did show hope at one point, but now it's a train going straight to hell.
(no offense)
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xoℲ pᴉɐlooʞ xoℲ pᴉɐlooʞ
Rules are a joke
There too restricting and they break Discord’s TOS and rules. If they changed the templates and didn’t make it so complicated I would have enjoyed it, but it was too much to deal with.
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Emilia~chan Emilia~chan
Wait wait wait... I join for not even 3 minutes, and I can already see TOS breaks? Shit, someone has some research to do...
Rule #2 dictates that anyone of any age can participate in ERP... Now, I don’t know about what’s going on in the owner’s head, but this is literally strictly banned. They are not allowed to act in such manner, and are not allowed to be exploited in such a manner.
Suggestion: Before Discord’s Trust and Safety gets on your ass about this, it needs to be changed, and as fast as possible. You can not openly allow minors to perform such acts. Granted, you can not ask them to prove they are not minors by Discord’s TOS as well, but just openly allowing such is a *huge* no.
P.S. - Yes, I will be reporting this server.