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Furry x Human Town RP! [ERP]
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Furry x Human Town RP! [ERP]

HEY! Hey you! ....Yes you! Join this server!
This server is about rping in a town! We won't promise that you'll want to stay but we can try to make your stay a good time!
We can give you lots of stuff like new people to meet, your own house in the rp, your own shop if you wanted one, and you can have a job as an bartender, police officer, stripper, cashier, librarian, etc!
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Totally a human Totally a human
bad administration
A racist, egoistical admin banned me for no reason exept joking around. He was also being really racist towards jews
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Gamerblam Gamerblam
The owner seems to spam quite often and goes fooling around,despite one of the rule they made was No Spamming.
The server seems more like a meme server rather then an RPing server in my mind.
Despite the No Spamming thing,nobody seems to do a thing about it.
All and all the server is alright in a way,but still has work to do

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