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We are the Largest Box Critters Community! Come hangout, meet new friends, get 24/7 Box Critters updates, exclusive news, and talk with the one and only Rocketsnail Creator of Club Penguin and Box Critters!
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158 reviews
siegeholm siegeholm
Awesome server held by awesome people
Love my boy Icy, the server's lit and it's all thanks to him. Also got dope people in there like Lance, Joe, &, Andy
IvanCP IvanCP
Incredible community and incredible game!
When I was a child, I always liked to play CP, however, when I closed for the second time I became sad again. That sad ended when I discovered Box Critters and I really appreciate that this server exists, because thanks to him I can find out about the latest Box Critters so I'm not so lost, what will happen to the game, or what will come. In addition to interacting with an incredible community by chat and really is a thing that is appreciated. I'm glad to join the largest community in Spanish of Box Critters.
Storm Storm
Amazing community
It's a discord based off a game that's currently going through it's early days of development, and yet it has such a strong community already. The chat is fun in general, but I really like the activities and competitions that keep things active and fun. Keep up the great work! 👍
Vini Vini
Highly recommend, always very active and commenting on the game, all very friendly and attentive, amazing server. Basically on the server you get a really cool entertainment, make new friends and have someone to talk to!

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