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My Hero Academia: A New Legacy
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My Hero Academia: A New Legacy

26 Years Later

The Callous Investment, a deadly and mysterious organization of 10 hitmen organized by a man only known as Martin. Their goal, simply, is to assassinate the Symbol of Peace Deku. They will kill anyone to drag him out and weaken him, and to end his reign. Splitting Midoriya's life even further is his new teaching career at UA, a heroics teacher for 1-A and 1-B. Who will prevail, the elite Callous Investment or the measly classes and heroes of UA? You might just decide.

We are an Advanced Literate (meaning a few paragraphs per post) MHA role-play, with extremely active members and exciting arcs! Our moderators are kind to any new member, as long as you abide by our set of simple rules. Create your character and get going with whatever arc is going on. Don't forget to go Beyond, Plus Ultra!
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Thot Patrol Thot Patrol
Creative, thrilling, and interactive.
This role-play is amazing. Every post is filled with detail and world-builds in some way. The members are amazing, professional, and active, not to mention caring. It takes getting used to the literacy, of course, but it pays of especially. Everyone is friends in and out of roleplay, and it's a beautiful experience. Must join. Don't forget, grape gay lol.
469 days ago
Didact Dave Didact Dave
Active and Interesting
I've been in the server a long time. I've made more than a few friends here. While it does have it's down moments. It's still a great server. Although some may say it's an acquired taste. People will be brutally honest with you, but that's only because they care about the server. So, yeah it's a interesting and active server. I recommend.
469 days ago