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The UN

Join, pick a country and you're good to go!
Engage in world wide diplomacy, build your GDP, experience natural disasters, engage in warfare... The choices are yours!

Ever participated in a Model UN only to find yourself severely restricted to only diplomacy? We fix that. Here you can truly run your country the way you see fit and take any decision that you wish, from choosing your own ideology to making alliances with friends... the future of the world is up to you.
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Ratings & Reviews

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Paxic Paxic
Lil politics
It's a fun server with lots of people to interact with, some take their role more serious than others, but it's all fun. The server owner and admins are doing a great job with the server and it's easy to help (from the admins) when needed.
If you're interested in Roleplaying or strategy games such as Civilization then this server is perfect for you
492 days ago
Nuked Nuked
Been looking for a Good server with active people and a good game, and I think I found it. Great admins and great support team. Thanks to all the people at the UN to make this happen.
492 days ago
Dragun Dragun
Good Server
This server is a really good server: it is rather detailed, and it is definitely unique! Of course, things tend to get messed up, but at least they are fixed later on. With the new Naval update, things are definitely gonna get more intense, but more fun as well! If you join, good luck: It'll be like YOU are in control for world domination. But beware: you might be taken out easily.
Your God Paul Your God Paul
Admin response
We learn from mistakes and try and keep things up to scratch as we go along, what else can I say..
492 days ago
CWijtsma CWijtsma
Great community!
I love the people on here and the community that has formed! It is a RP server, where you take on the role of a country and try to win. It is a sort of CIV but with more people and, well, more discord. And I love it! I am getting really annoyed by the DuckHunt bot, though.
495 days ago