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Friendly lewd server with end to end encryption for the privacy conscious lewder. It takes a little more effort to get in than other servers, but we're well worth the investment. Ask for help getting into to the lewd channels if you need it.
We host a wide selection of channels tailored to a variety of tastes. Whether you're into tentacles or traps, furry or futa, loli or shota, it has a home here. We even have sections for full doujins and SFW/NSFW roleplay.
Outright illegal content will get you reported to the lolice, so be good!
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Xincnos Xincnos
very chill and fair
Pretty great, Understanding people, a multitude of channels, patient mods who are active and interactive. All around grade A server and very welcoming to those of varying identities or those with opposite opinions.
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thibaut3000 thibaut3000
Now hiring normies
Nah you won't be staff, we just need more friends, never too much friends.

Why don't you review Lewdcord?