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The Phoenix Hotel

The Phoenix Hotel

The Phoenix Hotel, a Gothic castle nestled in the middle of a forgotten relam that lies between worlds. Here the unfortunate poor soul tends to appear every so often without knowing how they arrived. The world itself is a contradiction to nature, the seasons change almost daily and the day cycles are non existent. The world is filled with stranger creatures and constantly evolving, but the Hotel sits proudly in it's center, untouched by everything as it claims it's dominance on the local landscape. Will you be the next person to happen upon it's steps? What convinced you to wonder into this haven where just about anything, both magical and carnal alike? Who knows, but we invite you to come inside and stay awhile with us at the Phoenix Hotel!

The Phoenix Hotel is a 18+ ONLY RP/ERP/CRP Maid, butler, slut server. We try our best to provide a non-toxic environment for all to feel welcome and comfortable in. Just about any and all characters are welcome as long as they are 18+. So we hope you join and enjoy your time here with us!

We have a server currency system

A small but growing gift shop

A music bot

Nadeko for anti-spam and other purposes

A friendly staff

We listen to member ideas and will even use them if we see it needed

We offer partnerships to try and help both your and our server grow. (There are requirements to partner, please DM Adam or Madam Victoria for details)
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StitchingItUp StitchingItUp
Fun and Welcoming.
The people there are cool, friendly and loving! Sfw and Nsfw don't matter too much, you do you. Totts recommend it.