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˙˚ʚ n o m ɞ˚˙

‧͙⁺・༓☾ hey, cutie ☽༓・⁺‧͙
are you into creepy stuff? or are you into anime? memes, maybe? whatever you're into, this server's just for you! a fun little server for everyone to come in and socialize together! we're trying to be active, but you know how it goes with most servers haha - it's impossible. anyways, if you're interested in socializing with cool members, here's the place. try not to leave right away. :( ♡

also, we know some females are scared to join and stuff, but keep in mind that the two owners are females too, so don't be afraid to try it out.

a server made to discuss to anime, video games, and all things creepy
we offer:
♡ anime
♡ events
♡ self-roles
♡ partnerships
♡ gaming chats
♡ all things creepy
♡ adorable animals
♡ creative members
♡ quality memes, my boy
♡ lewd, nsfw chats go on sometimes

13+ allowed, no younger, as there are some nsfw talk sometimes :) <3
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rykzi rykzi
issa cute server pls join