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Kingsley University
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Kingsley University

Los Angeles, California. A large city buzzing with locals and tourists. A city so big you almost wouldn't notice a few missing people here and there. Except... What happens when one vampire starts getting sloppy?

Will you live as predator or prey?
Which will survive?

University. A place where you party, you skip, you drink, and most importantly, you have fun. However... what happens when people start disappearing? Which problems will arise whenever sudden bites appear on people? What will occur when the first vampire is discovered?

Kinglsey University is a server where people come together to roleplay their characters. There are events, drama, relationship struggles, and even more! Any suggestions and or questions can be expressed in their designated servers. Administrator applications are currently open. Join the server and find out what else we have planned, or what events are currently going on! This server is a literate roleplay server, and you will need to know how to roleplay correctly in a certain format that you can find in #rules.
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